Sunday, March 23, 2003

Oh gosh (trying hard not to blaspheme or swear). I think I have stolen someone's old blog address. I now feel somewhat guilty and can’t help but feel like I have erased someone’s life work. Apparently it was an Englishman in LA. Well, sorry mate and all the followers (if any of you look at this site again). I’ve accidentally hijacked it. But hey, it could be the start of something beautiful.
Well, as this is my first blog (assuming that is a legitimate word nowadays) I really feel I should have something profound to say. Unfortunately the process of choosing a suitable name for the site has somewhat dampened my drive to write, as the many words that I have tried using for the site were already taken.

Finally I got the url, which whilst describing me quite correctly (I’m English and a man), has now made me feel like I should be writing on behalf of the male half of an entire country. I think it shall wait until a more suitable hour of the day before I tackle the views of about 25 million.

Hopefully in the coming weeks there maybe some interesting musings about the world as it is, Britain as it is and what may become a major theme of this blog, England and its male inhabitants. However the url address is a singular (Englishman) so ultimately it will be about me – a single Englishman.